Online book Club Collaboration with Lewisham Libraries for Refugee Week 2021

We are looking forward to tonight’s event, where we will discuss The Lightless Sky with the author, Gulwali Passarlay, about his journey from Afghanistan to the UK as a child.
This event is a great collaboration between Lewisham Libraries, Peace of Cake, Archibald Corbett Community Library Arts And Heritage Centre and Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network. #RefugeeWeek2021
Lewisham Council

We will be discussing The Lightless Sky by Gulwali Passarlay, as part of Refugee Week, in collaboration with Peace of Cake, Corbett Community Library and Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network. We predict that you won’t be able to put this book down once you start!

All Lewisham residents welcome. Email for details of how to join us on Zoom.

We have physical copies available which you will be able to reserve for click and collect as soon as our libraries re-open.
(We don’t yet have a fixed date for this.) To reserve, see link in the final paragraph.

The book is also available for free as an ebook on the Libby app, which you can download to your phone or other device from your usual app store. You will need your Lewisham libraries card number and PIN the first time you use the app. If you have any questions about how to access the book or log into the app, please email

To join Lewisham libraries online, go to If you have questions about joining, please telephone 0208 314 8024 or email Refugees, migrants and asylum seekers based in Lewisham are very welcome to join.

Virtual Iftar Wednesday 5th May

So excited about our Virtual Iftar on Wednesday 5th May. Please join us , everyone is welcome.
This is especially being held in honour of our friends who are not Muslim who have decided to fast this Ramadan. We wanted to celebrate with you and ‘Break bread’ with you and due to current circumstances we will do it virtually but next year hopefully in person.
They say a person who really benefits with Ramadan is one who leaves Ramadan as a different person, we have certainly been inspired by my friends who text us every morning at suhoor time, they have really helped us home into our spirituality.
Tune in to meet our special guests and to hear from our inspirational co-hosts Anisa Kissoon, Imam Ashraf Dabous of Lewisham Islamic Centre and Sheikh Ismail of Al Emaan Centre. Sophie Louise Kirkham Andy ColeySafiyyah Qureshi-KhanAisha KhanVanessa MarjoribanksLucie Walsh

Peace of Cake online for UN International Day for People With Disabilities 3rd December 2020 at 8pm

Joined by @Caroline Walsh and @Rosalind Hardie to celebrate United Nations Day for People with Disabilities to talk about how the lockdowns have affected disabled people including those with a hidden disability. Both women have been inspirational in their work towards equality and equal access for all, come and chat with them Live on Facebook – we want to bring people together and keep everyone talking – Peace and Cake!!

Humanithé – Peace of Cake for France 26th October 2020

In memory of Samuel Paty and in solidarity of peace and equality for all.
The astounding polarisation that is happening in France is not good for anyone. Many Muslims have expressed how dismayed they are at the lack of equality when it comes to being judged especially as they are good and peaceful citizens of France. Many people who do not know Islam fear that their way of life is being challenged.
Are these false perceptions or part of a real problem? Can we be different but still useful to each other in a peaceful world? Don’t we have more in common? Do we not have bigger battles such as poverty, colour/ gender inequality, education and social care to tackle together to make our countries better for all?
In honour of freedom of speech we ask you to bring your tea (and cake), join us to talk, to ask uncomfortable questions and to help fight for Peace in France. There can be no Peace without Justice and no justice without dialogue! We are all one human race #Humanithé

En mémoire de Samuel Paty et en solidarité pour la paix et l’égalité pour tous.
La polarisation étonnante qui se produit en France n’est pas une chose positive. Plusieurs Musulmans de France ont manifesté leur consternation face aux jugements qu’ils subissent, d’autant plus lorsqu’ils sont de bons citoyens français. Beaucoup de personnes, qui ne connaissent pas l’Islam, craignent que leur mode de vie soit contesté et modifié.
Ces perceptions sont-elles fausses ou sont-elles le centre d’un réel problème? Pouvons-nous être différents tout en étant utiles à chacun pour un monde en paix? N’avons-nous pas d’autres choses en communs? N’avons-nous pas de plus grandes batailles à mener telles que la pauvreté, le racisme, l’inégalité entre hommes et femmes, l’éducation, les soins sociaux, à résoudre ensemble dans le seul but de rendre nos pays meilleurs pour tous?
En l’honneur de la liberté d’expression nous vous invitons à venir avec votre thé ( et gâteau), pour discuter, poser des questions et aidez le combat pour la paix en France.
Il ne peut pas y avoir de paix sans justice, et pas de justice sans dialogue. Nous sommes tous humains

Humanithé – Peace of Cake for France

Join in the conversation -Facebook Live on Monday 26th October 7.30 GMT and 8.30 France as we talk with the wonderful Toni Brodelle, LibDem prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wycombe,
Sureya Camara – International Business Woman in Nice, and later by Magou, a legal translator

Donate4Refugees LIVE Online with Negia Milian 14th June 2020 2pm

In this upcoming Live Online meet Negia Milian, co-founder of Pampiraiki: Refugees Welcome, as she is interviewed by Donate4Refugees’ close friend, the wonderful Asma Meer of Peace of Cake.

Hear first hand about the inspiring work our partner Pampiraiki is doing collaborating with other Athens NGOs to meet urgent food needs during the coronavirus lockdown, and to help for many years, in Athens.

You are invited to join us every second Sunday here on Facebook LIVE Online to meet inspiring volunteers discussing with guest interviewers their first-hand experiences on-the-ground supporting the people of Europe’s refugee camps and communities.

Our Live Online interviews will give you new insight into this crisis; and the people dedicating their lives to helping others.

Peace of Cake – Tribute to George Floyd, never going back June 11th 2020

This event will stream online via our facebook page from 8.30pm on the 11th June. The event is here

This moment in time has been the most inspiring, educating and hopeful time of my life. George Floyd was murdered by people who were supposed to protect all and Amy Cooper exposed the underlying institutionalised racism in our modern and connected world. We, in the UK have also come out in protest and many are asking how can we make a difference. There are so many emotions that have been stirred especially within the Black Community. And many people want to know how to support and bring real change for a better future for our children.

I have invited for Peace of Cake, three very inspiring women as we talk about the way forward. Please join us with your cake and cuppa, your messages of solidarity your comments and questions. It is my honour to have cake and share peace with Susanne, Yvette and Claire. Please join us in honouring all those who have been affected by racism and in conversation so that we can sustain the change that we so want for our world today