Peace of Cake Interfaith Week 27th November 2022

Thank you @LewishamUnitarian Simone Riddle for hosting a Peace of Cake to mark the end of Interfaith Week 2022. All are welcome and a chance to hear from people of all faiths and none –
see you there! Cake contributions welcome not essential but cake eating is necessary!!

Paskas For Peace 7th May 2022 at Goldsmiths Community Centre SE6

In solidarity for peace and understanding. There has been so much division, hate speech and propaganda, we, the people, just want a just and fair world. The war in Ukraine has brought up so many issues like the fact that the people of Russia and Ukraine are interlinked in so many ways, the countless people who are now displaced, the hypocrisy of the msm when it comes to reporting about white refugees as opposed to the vilification of black/brown refugees, black people in Ukraine not being let on trains to flee to safety, the profiteers of warmongering…….humanity pulling together to help. WE hope to bring all people together because all actions affect all of us – it is time to look beyond all divisions as we are one human race.

Hope you can come and share tea, cake and conversation – and share a platform for peace!

Remember the Six. Quebec City Mosque Shooting. 26th January 2022

The Canadian Prime Minister has sanctioned Jan 29th as a National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque attack and Action against Islamophobia.

Join us on our Facebook page as Asma goes live on Wednesday January 26th at 8pm UK time,(3pm Canada time) to remember those who lost their lives but also remember the pouring out of love and solidarity from fellow citizens against hate and bigotry. We have a long way to go but you can be part of shaping history for a better tomorrow

You can also write a letter of remembrance for the victims of this massacre – full details are here

Tree planting in memory of Sabina Nessa. 17th October 2021

Sabina Nessa, another young woman lost to violence, another incident to add fear to the safety of young women, another feeling of unease about the late reporting of her murder- more reasons for division.

Peace of Cake, together with Friends of Forster Memorial Park invites you to share cake and have a conversation and increase unity and togetherness.

Sabina Nessa often used Forster Memorial Park’s Outdoor Classroom. A pear tree will be planted in her memory (in the art world, a strong symbol of fruitfulness and femininity) so that children from the local schools and the community can reflect and harvest the fruit in September when she sadly lost her life.

We hope that the tree will grow tall and people can visit to reflect on the kindness that is so needed in the world today.

Meet at 3pm by the Sensory Garden (in the main field, nearest entrance Longhill Road/Bellingham Road) for the tree planting, followed by tea and cake from 3.30pm in the Outdoor Learning Area (near top Whitefoot Lane entrance).

Peace of Cake in Hackney Thursday 21 October 2021

It’s Peace of Cake time!

In solidarity with the Chinese Community who have suffered disproportionately during the pandemic.

Although much better now- at the beginning of the pandemic there were many physical assaults on Chinese people. The closure of many businesses in China Town was very sad to see especially as false information and preconceptions that were fuelling narratives.

This is why we need to come together and share tea/cake, in order to show solidarity and get to know each other, safely.

Please join us and please share this event.

We would love for people of all backgrounds to come together and show the wall of resilience to adversity – a wall that is only fortified with diversity

Bring cake to share if you can – if not then just bring yourself

Online book Club Collaboration with Lewisham Libraries for Refugee Week 2021

We are looking forward to tonight’s event, where we will discuss The Lightless Sky with the author, Gulwali Passarlay, about his journey from Afghanistan to the UK as a child.
This event is a great collaboration between Lewisham Libraries, Peace of Cake, Archibald Corbett Community Library Arts And Heritage Centre and Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network. #RefugeeWeek2021
Lewisham Council

We will be discussing The Lightless Sky by Gulwali Passarlay, as part of Refugee Week, in collaboration with Peace of Cake, Corbett Community Library and Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network. We predict that you won’t be able to put this book down once you start!

All Lewisham residents welcome. Email for details of how to join us on Zoom.

We have physical copies available which you will be able to reserve for click and collect as soon as our libraries re-open.
(We don’t yet have a fixed date for this.) To reserve, see link in the final paragraph.

The book is also available for free as an ebook on the Libby app, which you can download to your phone or other device from your usual app store. You will need your Lewisham libraries card number and PIN the first time you use the app. If you have any questions about how to access the book or log into the app, please email

To join Lewisham libraries online, go to If you have questions about joining, please telephone 0208 314 8024 or email Refugees, migrants and asylum seekers based in Lewisham are very welcome to join.

Virtual Iftar Wednesday 5th May

So excited about our Virtual Iftar on Wednesday 5th May. Please join us , everyone is welcome.
This is especially being held in honour of our friends who are not Muslim who have decided to fast this Ramadan. We wanted to celebrate with you and ‘Break bread’ with you and due to current circumstances we will do it virtually but next year hopefully in person.
They say a person who really benefits with Ramadan is one who leaves Ramadan as a different person, we have certainly been inspired by my friends who text us every morning at suhoor time, they have really helped us home into our spirituality.
Tune in to meet our special guests and to hear from our inspirational co-hosts Anisa Kissoon, Imam Ashraf Dabous of Lewisham Islamic Centre and Sheikh Ismail of Al Emaan Centre. Sophie Louise Kirkham Andy ColeySafiyyah Qureshi-KhanAisha KhanVanessa MarjoribanksLucie Walsh

Peace of Cake online for UN International Day for People With Disabilities 3rd December 2020 at 8pm

Joined by @Caroline Walsh and @Rosalind Hardie to celebrate United Nations Day for People with Disabilities to talk about how the lockdowns have affected disabled people including those with a hidden disability. Both women have been inspirational in their work towards equality and equal access for all, come and chat with them Live on Facebook – we want to bring people together and keep everyone talking – Peace and Cake!!