Peace of Cake tomorrow

Prayers and thoughts with the families killed in the mindless attack in Manchester last night. This is an attack on all of us. We will not be divided. Come along to Peace of Cake tomorrow at Torridon Junior School SE6 to show solidarity for Peace. Our small steps in coming together are the first steps against hate.


Stem Cell Drive at Torridon Junior School – 24th May 2017

Peace of Cake and Stem Cell Drive
On the 24th May we are inviting all parents and children to come and join us
to celebrate the rich diversity of our community by bringing in cake to
share (not obligatory) and having a cuppa in the true spirit of Peace.


At the same time we will be having a stem cell drive supported by Ibrahim’s
Appeal, DKMS and ACLT, where parents will be able to consider and join the
Stem Cell register  in order to become potential life savers.  This event is
being held in the memory of Ibrahim Hamza Meer who lost his battle on 24th
May 2002.  There are many others who have been saved with stem cell
transplants and this will be a good opportunity to join the register.


We hope you can join us for a lovely cup of tea and cake and at the same
time consider saving a life
Cake and Conversation
24th May Torridon Junior School Y3 Dining Hall
From 3.30pm till 7pm
Bring Cake to share or just yourself
Links to read up on stem cell donation:
Thank you