11th November 2017 Peace of Cake


We are pleased to invite you to come and share cake again on 11th November at Goldsmiths Community Centre in Catford.
As it is Armistice day, we will be focusing on the message of ‘Never Again’. As it is a Saturday, lots of children will be able to attend with their families, even their grandparents.

Children's Peace of Cake is coming


In the words of Helen Hamston of Mummy’s Gin Fund ‘it is important for our children to come together with people like them and people who are not like them’. And as it is Armistice Day I wanted to bring the idea of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ to actually mean something. I want to make this one of the biggest and most diverse Peace of Cake’s ever in order to honour the message of ‘Never Again‘.

Never Again’ can only be ‘Never Again’ if we start at a local level, if we keep talking, if we show our children that we can live with people like us and with people who are not like us then that is a big start.
The way to honour Armistice – we welcome red poppy wearers, those who do not wear a poppy, white or purple poppy wearers – we want to welcome everyone in solidarity for Peace for our future generations. Let’s start with our children, let’s honour Never Again.

11 November at 13:00–15:00

Goldsmiths Community Association  Castillon Road, SE6 1QD London, United Kingdom