Spread the Peace of Cake movement around the world!

We are proud to share with you the third film in our series which is designed to encourage people to have their own Peace of Cake Event.

In times of darkness we feel it is our duty to spread as much light and love as we can. Peace of cake is about finding things in common when the world is forcing us apart. Please help us spread the peace all across the world. We need it now more than ever.
Share this video and have a Peace of Cake event in your area. We all stand in solidarity for a better tomorrow for our children


Peace of Cake at the House of Lords, 19th December 2017

Thank you to Lord Roger Roberts, Baron Roberts of Llandudno

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for hosting Peace of Cake at Houses of Parliament Westminster. Here are some of the comments people wrote about it on our social media:

Asma wrote “Lord Roger Roberts all our guests are commenting on how sincere you are in your ‘Action for Humanity’. Thank you Mark Lavender and Jane Ashley and Becky Dell without whom this would not have come about. Thank you to The Citizens of the world choir and Heidi Alexander Leah D’vorah and all of our @Peace of Cake team that came to support. Thank you again Goldsmiths Community Association and let’s look forward to the launch of our Peace of Cake video!Lots of Cake and lots of conversation. Amazing people. Lovely to see our banner at Westminster. Thank you Sophie Randles-Dunkley for your company, the singing and for the great work you do for refugees. This Season is truly the time to be reflecting on good will and being kind to humanity, regardless of their background. I cannot imagine a more diverse meeting at Parliament that has ever happened. We had people from all walks of life and all there wanting to make a difference to others Peace of Cake #peaceonearth”
Amber Bauer the work you do is so essential and I hope many people can like and share your page. Thank you for supporting Peace of Cake last night. All of you who make a difference every day are inspirational “

Thanks Asma Meer. At the House of Lords for Peace of Cake. Hosted by Lords Roger Roberts who gave a very moving welcome, also talking about refugees in Calais and elsewhere, the importance of getting all 3,000 child refugees here. We were entertained by the Action for Humanity choir….singing Siya Hambs ….their version was “walking in the light of peace”, I’m glad to say.

Honoured to have been invited to at the this evening!