Peace of Cake in Leicester 28th January 2018

Our first event of the year and it’s outside London which is fantastic – we’re trying to spread the peace as far and wide as we can.


Here’s Asma’s words on this event:

I am from the amazing city of Leicester, when we were growing up we were very blessed to live, work and play together with people of all backgrounds

Our communities were very mixed and very different yet very together. That is why I find it hard to believe the feedback that today we have very polarised groups who have little interaction.

I don’t think this is true and invite the people of Leicester to Peace of Cake to show how community cohesion has been done for all these years and how it will continue to be done!

It is the legacy of our parents – a group of us: Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Athiest, Agnostic – are all coming together to celebrate what our parents taught us – that despite our differences and without letting go of our own faiths or beliefs: to respect, help and love one another. Jay Dhillon Sharon Plant Bhavna Patel Meesha Patani

Together we can create pillars of mutual respect to support our future generations, as our parents have clearly done

Please share and please come and join us with cake! Also due to a lot of families wanting to attend, we are having child friendly activities such as cupcake decorating, facepainting amongst other things to keep your little ones occupied while you have a piece of cake and a conversation!!

Please register here to let us know you’re coming.

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