Peace of Cake with St Lukes for Remembrance

Asma writes “ When I remember the world wars, I always remember the vehement warnings from soldiers and those who lived during and after the war that we mustn’t forget the horrors and we mustn’t go down that road again. I am grateful to the people who gave their lives for freedom and the fight of good against evil and I feel I personally owe it to those who suffered to work against war and killing and destruction, to help build dialogue instead of walls, to honour them by following their advice, that is why i wear a white poppy and my thoughts are with those people who are suffering war all over the world today, to whom the words ‘Lest we forget’ will hopefully mean something when we all come together and listen to the advice given by those who really suffered. But this is my view, and I will be pleased to meet people who do not share my view – this is Peace of Cake – where we can all come together despite our differences on a poignant date in history – See you there! With cake of course!”

Everyone is welcome to St Luke’s on Remembrance Day 10.50am start for the church service or 12.15 for Peace of Cake.

St Luke’s church, Northover BR1 5JR 124 bus route.