Peace of Cake – Tribute to George Floyd, never going back June 11th 2020

This event will stream online via our facebook page from 8.30pm on the 11th June. The event is here

This moment in time has been the most inspiring, educating and hopeful time of my life. George Floyd was murdered by people who were supposed to protect all and Amy Cooper exposed the underlying institutionalised racism in our modern and connected world. We, in the UK have also come out in protest and many are asking how can we make a difference. There are so many emotions that have been stirred especially within the Black Community. And many people want to know how to support and bring real change for a better future for our children.

I have invited for Peace of Cake, three very inspiring women as we talk about the way forward. Please join us with your cake and cuppa, your messages of solidarity your comments and questions. It is my honour to have cake and share peace with Susanne, Yvette and Claire. Please join us in honouring all those who have been affected by racism and in conversation so that we can sustain the change that we so want for our world today