Peace of Cake for BLM – live on Facebook 2nd July 8.30pm

Continuing the conversation- Black Lives Matter. Join me for a Peace of Cake with Susanne Joseph and Yvette Forrester to talk about the journey. Please comment and ask questions, we welcome dialogue and discussion because that is how we all learn and that is how we all move forward.

Donate4Refugees LIVE Online with Negia Milian 14th June 2020 2pm

In this upcoming Live Online meet Negia Milian, co-founder of Pampiraiki: Refugees Welcome, as she is interviewed by Donate4Refugees’ close friend, the wonderful Asma Meer of Peace of Cake.

Hear first hand about the inspiring work our partner Pampiraiki is doing collaborating with other Athens NGOs to meet urgent food needs during the coronavirus lockdown, and to help for many years, in Athens.

You are invited to join us every second Sunday here on Facebook LIVE Online to meet inspiring volunteers discussing with guest interviewers their first-hand experiences on-the-ground supporting the people of Europe’s refugee camps and communities.

Our Live Online interviews will give you new insight into this crisis; and the people dedicating their lives to helping others.

Peace of Cake – Tribute to George Floyd, never going back June 11th 2020

This event will stream online via our facebook page from 8.30pm on the 11th June. The event is here

This moment in time has been the most inspiring, educating and hopeful time of my life. George Floyd was murdered by people who were supposed to protect all and Amy Cooper exposed the underlying institutionalised racism in our modern and connected world. We, in the UK have also come out in protest and many are asking how can we make a difference. There are so many emotions that have been stirred especially within the Black Community. And many people want to know how to support and bring real change for a better future for our children.

I have invited for Peace of Cake, three very inspiring women as we talk about the way forward. Please join us with your cake and cuppa, your messages of solidarity your comments and questions. It is my honour to have cake and share peace with Susanne, Yvette and Claire. Please join us in honouring all those who have been affected by racism and in conversation so that we can sustain the change that we so want for our world today

Manchester Arena Remembrance. Facebook live event 22nd May 2020.

In memory of the 22 innocent lives lost and the hundreds that still suffer due to the Manchester Arena terrorist attack three years ago today – join Peace of Cake live at 2.20pm with special guest Hayley Roberts who is a Muslim nurse who rushed straight out to help and 2.30pm for a minute’s silence. If you would like to join our Facebook live to pay a tribute then please message me and I will send you a link, otherwise you can leave your messages of solidarity on the live feed.. Manchester we Remember,. Peace is the only way

Above is a link to rewatch the live stream.

Virtual Peace of Cake 10th May 2020

Join us tomorrow to discuss the increased attacks in the UK against Chinese people, the disbelief felt by all about the blatant discrimination against Africans in parts of China, the killing of an innocent jogger in USA – ALL DUE TO COVID19. I believe that there is more Peace than Hate but we have to speak out against the hateful incidents wherever they are. Racism IS a virus and as my guests tomorrow will agree, there is no room for division when we are fighting a global pandemic! Jabez Wai Lam Rich Squince (Harold) SUR. Feel free to leave your comments or messages of solidarity, live on our facebook feed, thank you

An online Peace of Cake 22nd March 2020

As we all self isolate to keep safe during this pandemic we definitely still need to keep connected. We wish to show solidarity with the Chinese community who are facing racism and violence since the outbreak of the corona virus began. We want to spread love and hope and so we are holding an online Peace of Cake.

Asma says “Get ready to join us for virtual Peace of Cake on Facebook live this Sunday at 4pm in Solidarity with the Chinese Community who has been experiencing increasing level of Covid-19-related racism and xenophobia. Every day we are hearing about new incidents and many businesses are having to close due to ignorant misinformation. Racism is a virus, not the people of any particular race. We know that there are many of you out there who do not identify with such xenophobic acts and behaviours – so this Sunday, please join us by going to our page Peace of Cake and we will be doing a live broadcast where you can send your messages of peace and love to our Chinese brothers and sisters in humanity. Our special Guests include Edmond, Jabez and Jenny who have been working with communities and Jenny will be introducing Chinese cakes with special significance. We will join her with our favourite or traditional cake”

Do please visit for lots of information, links and support

We will be broadcasting live from Facebook so please keep an eye on our page for details

Peace of cake 25th January 2020. At St John’s

Asma says

I hope you can join us for Peace of Cake on Sat 25th Jan 2020 at 11am. This year has started off with a few shocks and lots of worry about the W word, anxiety about Brexit and the continuing gap between people and communities. WE CAN TURN THIS DESPAIR INTO HOPE – with a Peace of Cake of course!

We are all one community and have more in common that that which divides us. Venue is St John’s, Catford our lovely hosts