Libraries Week Peace of Cake Thursday 10th October

We invite you to have cake and conversation with library staff and Lewisham residents committed to encouraging integration and making new friends. Please come along (with cake if you are able), and have conversations with people who you would not normally talk to – this is Lewisham, a borough that is proud of its diversity, but there is so much more to be done to bring people together. We especially welcome people new to the UK, so take the opportunity to broaden your horizons and welcome them to Lewisham. It would be great to have teas and cakes from different cultures!

Peace of Cake started as a simple post on Facebook and has been born out of the amazing and positive response of people who want to reach out and promote dialogue for a peaceful future for their children. It is a great opportunity to make new friends who may be different from you in some ways but the same in others!

Lewisham libraries are designated safe havens, places where everyone can feel welcome and safe, regardless of colour, creed, background, age, gender, sexuality, politics, and so on. As well as enjoying cake and good company, you can find out more about what our libraries have to offer, and meet our lovely librarians and library assistants! We are celebrating Libraries Week and the many events our libraries run each week, as well as our digital resources. Come and find out more, and tell us what else you’d like to see in our libraries!

10.30 am

Deptford Lounge 9 Giffin Square

SE8 4RJ London, United Kingdom

Peace of Cake at Homestart Croydon 3 August 2019

Peace of Cake is in Croydon 3rd August, hope to see you there. Hosts are wonderful people seeking to bring all ages from all backgrounds together. If we keep talking, we will keep understanding each other and we will set a great example for our children to follow – come along with the whole family – and cake of course!! (not necessary btw!)

3 aug

Peace of Cake at Manor House Library SE13 27th July 2019

So excited about meeting many of our Peace of Cake supporters and their families/friends at this Peace of Cake in Lee. Living and sharing for a better world, we hope to have cake and tea with you, coupled with a chance to meet your MP Janet Daby who will be there. There is no peace without justice and no justice without a voice – it is important that the person who represents us in Parliament knows us and we all work together for Peace!27 july

World Refugee Day 20th June 2019 – Peace of Cake with the Citizens of the World Choir at the Palace of Westminster

Beautiful Evening that went so well, due to the hard work of the Peace of Cake team. Thank you to all of you that made this happen, helped serve tea and cake, washed up in the kitchen, baked, sang and cleared up. What a lovely community – a beautiful bunch of humans just being together for the sake of Peace. Sally Reeve Edwards Katharine Dempsey Rosalind Hardie Mark Lavender Becky Dell Tess Berry-Hart Roger Roberts. And a special thanks to actress Emily Watson for her genuine and heartfelt sentiments

Professional photos by Otterway Photography (and the snaps by Sally Edwards)

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Peace of Cake in Blackheath 8th June 2019

Our next Peace of Cake will be at Age Exchange Hall in Blackheath on Saturday 8th June 2019 from 10am till 12pm – as part of Janet Daby’s Meet the MP but also a chance to connect through cake and conversation. With so much going on in UK politics we MUST keep talking no matter what party we vote for or not – it is time to unite and we can only do this by talking to each other and making our views heard to those who represent us – see you there!

Peace of Cake in Solidarity for New Zealand

Following the Christchurch attacks, come and join us for some peace, love and togetherness this Thursday21st March from 11am to 12.30pm at Lewisham Islamic Centre, 363 – 356 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6NZ

Also part of Sadaqa Day; A simple smile is an act of charity.

All are welcome. Cake contributions especially welcome!


Peace of Cake at Goldsmiths 5/1/19

Looking forward to sharing cake with you all on Saturday 5th January from 12 till 2pm in Catford.

Hope you have a great Holiday – so many people are doing great things in the name of Christmas this year, hoping this momentum of good will form the snowball that is needed for more peace in the world.

Please share, spread the word and see you for our very first Peace of Cake in 2019!!