Have your own event

Spread hope by having your own peace of cake event and uploading photos on social media #peaceofcaketogether

You can have one at work, at your school, in your community or place of worship, with your gym buddies or just your friends

Things to Do

  • invite as many different people as you can – try to invite at least someone from another faith, colour, race or religion, age or gender
  • have a cake, made or shop  bought and have some tea or coffee to serve
  • encourage people to talk and introduce one another
  • take pictures or videos with messages of peace and upload them on social media #peaceofcaketogether or #peaceofcake
  • feel very proud that you have achieved a great thing and will go down in history as one of the people who has counteracted hate !!

Things not to Do

  • Peace of cake is not about one viewpoint, the idea is that everyone there can have their own views on things and feel free to share them
  • Don’t invite a guest speaker with a certain viewpoint – Peace of Cake is not about lecturing people or telling them what and how to think – it is about respecting them no matter what and questions can be asked on a one to one basis – it is the one to one conversations that are the most powerful!
  • If you disagree with someone don’t disclude them from future events