Pictures from the Ben & Jerry’s PoC event 13th September

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Becky Dell, one of the attendees wrote this ” So great to be at Peace of Cake’s event at Ben & Jerry’s in Soho earlier today. Spreading a message of peace, unity and understanding, with tea, cake & ice-cream!

There were Muslims, Christians, Bhuddists and aethiests all happily rubbing shoulders today. We have more in common than that which divides us.

I met the wonderful Asma Meer who heads up Peace of Cake at Lewisham Mosque as part of the Visit My Mosque initiative earlier this year. She’s a wonderful lady with a heart full of gold (and peace) – keep an eye out for future events”


Ben & Jerry’s and Peace of Cake – 13th September


Asma would like to invite you on 13th Sept from 11am till 1pm to Ben and Jerry’s in Soho to cut a big Ice-Cream cake in solidarity for peace and to celebrate diversity. Please let us know by emailing us –
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  if you or any friends can come and feel free to bring along children as there will be free ice-cream for all! I need to know numbers so please do let me know! You are welcome to bring cake and be sure to check out our Pride of Britain nomination

Photos from the 25th July in Sidcup

Thank you everyone who attended – Aishah Safdar who was the main organiser this time, wrote this on Facebook –

An amazingly successful Peace of cake at Sidcup with around 50-60 People sharing cakes and conversation. Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family and the local Sidcup community. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Asma so well done!

Love 4 Legends and Peace of Cake

Love4Legends is a group of Muslim friends who came up with a simple way to thank the amazing emergency services who heroically risked their lives to save as many people as possible at Grenfell.


Peace of Cake, led by Asma, rose to the occasion and visited Lewisham’s Fire Station. Here are some pictures and copy from Asma’s post on our Facebook page/

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Felt so good to be giving back and show appreciation for our Fire Brigade, thanks Love4Legends for this initiative. The Muslim community, Lewisham Islamic Centre, Frankie Turner St John’s Church and Peace of Cake had a wonderful afternoon delivering the hampers and home made cake by Frankie Turner and cake from Le Delice, biryani from Haidy’s and lots of homemade goodies, Hungarian biscuits from Rizwana and lots of juice from Zehra – Thank you again to our emergency services and may you be rewarded for your bravery and compassion – as one firefighter said today – when we save a life we do not see the colour or religion – saving a life is saving a life! To quote surah Maidah again ‘whosoever saves one, it is as if he has saved mankind’. #love4legends, #peaceofcaketog, #lfb

Thank you Mummy’s Gin Fund!!

if you are on twitter – please tweet your support for Asma to @tsb and @prideofbritain using the #prideofbritain, @peaceofcaketog and @ginfund.

Helen Hamston, founder of the amazing website and Facebook community Mummy’s Gin Fund has surprised us with a wonderful heartfelt tribute to Asma and Peace of Cake by nominating her for a Pride of Britain Award. She’s nominated Asma for this reason

“Asma epitomizes all that is great about sisterhood, community and cohesion. She walks into rooms of people who are scared of her, want to hurt her, reject her beliefs, believe she should ‘go home’, think she is oppressed, blame her for terrorism and hate her. She walks in with her head held high and her arms outstretched. It doesn’t matter who she is talking to – she makes them feel equal and valued. Through her, our community is learning to embrace difference and our children are being taught that we are all the same. She is making the world a better place.”


Helen Hamston of Mummy’s Gin Fund


Helen and Asma

We’re utterly honoured to be recognised – thank you so much Helen – you’re just as inspirational to us! Without Mummy’s Gin Fund, we wouldn’t be able to publicise our events or reach the community so easily.

If you are on twitter – please tweet your support for Asma to @tsb and @prideofbritain using the #prideofbritain, @peaceofcaketog and @ginfund.

Read the full article here

Please join us on the 12th July at St Mark’s

imageOur next Peace of Cake event will be at St Mark’s Church in Catford, SE6. Hope to see you there, we need a bit of love and conversation especially after the last few weeks of such sad and frustrating news/events in our city.

Below is a slideshow showing Asma and Peace of Cake at the Big Iftar in Southwark – part of the Great Get Together weekend .

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Our event on 24th May

Our first event held at Torridon Junior School went amazingly well. So many children at first who couldn’t believe their luck with the wonderful cake donated by our friends and members. There was a fantastic turnout throughout the event which ran until 7pm. See below for a slideshow of pictures

We lit a candle in memoriam for the victims of the Manchester attack and shared a moment of silence in remembrance. Asma Meer spoke of her wish to spread Peace of Cake so if you want to have a gathering – just click here We hope many people are more aware now of DKMS and their work to encourage more donors.

Thank you everyone for coming.

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