Why it works

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Why we think Peace of Cake works so well
  • People with opposing views find that when they talk to each other they find that they have more in common than different!
  • Everyone wants peace and a nice world for future generations – they are happy to work towards it!
  • It gives a positive platform for people to come together in solidarity for peace
  • It provides a safe space for people to ask questions freely and inquisitively and for people to have the chance to answer them – sharing of information and views
  • A  chance to not feel helpless when things are happening around the world
  • People love hosting their own events, it gives them a chance to invite friends and people who they may never naturally get to speak with – a way of reaching out

Can you host a Peace of Cake event where you are? Anywhere in the world…..keep watching the site and we’ll soon have a downloadable kit to spread the love (and the cake) all over the globe.